• Patrícia C. Cardoso Patrícia C. Cardoso

    Patricia is Chemical engineer (UFC, 2000) and she is doing her Master at School of Agricultural Engineering (FEAGRI/Unicamp) with Prof. Dr. Gustavo Mockaitis as supervisor and Profa. Ana Sílvia Prata as co-supervisor. Her project concerns the reduction of waste generation in Agri-Food Industry through the knowledgement of Physical properties of Tropical Feuits enabling its processing (State Diagrams of Tropical Fruits; with Job Ubbink, Felix Reyes and Ana Braga as collaborators). She has experience in Quality Control in textil area and helped the implementation of Soils Laboratory at Del Monte Fresh Produce. 

  • Bianca Fernandes

    Bianca is Food Engineer (UFV, 2016) and she is doing her Master at School of  Food Engineering (FEA/Unicamp) with Profa. Ana Sílvia Prata as supervisor. Her project concerns the use of phase change materials to food packaging applications.